Great Lakes Underwater Services covers every underwater task involed with refinery diving at every on site location such as:

Marine Fuel Dock
Fire and Emergency Response dock
Water Intake Traveling Screen and Pump House Structure
Water Intake Channel and Pipe Line
Fire and emergency service water pump house
Clarifier and Clear water tanks

Traveling Screen Removal

At these locations, the tasks involved include but are not limited to:

  • Complete underwater inspection
  • Confined space operations
  • Penetration diving
  • Digital video recording
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
  • CAD Drawings and completed report
  • Underwater sonar security system installation
  • Depth soundings
  • Zebra muscle remediation
  • Sheet pile inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Welding (wet,dry)
  • Stand-off, dolphin and pilling inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Traveling screen inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Traveling screen removal and installation
  • Lift and service water pump inspection, maintnenace and repair
  • Lift and servece water pump removal and installation
  • Trash rack and trash bars cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • Emergency and flood gate inspections, maintenance and repair
  • Water intake suction and discharge basins inspections, maintenance and repair
  • Material pumping
  • Water Jetting
  • Air blasting
  • Dredging and consulting services