3D Sonar Imagery

3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar

Dock Wall and River Scan


Great Lakes Underwater Services provides 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar for all your underwater needs. We are capable of producing high resolution 3D mosaic scans of underwater structures, areas and objects of concern in low to zero visibility conditions while collecting accurate measurement data. From these scans, clients are then able to view in 3D the area of concern. The images can be manipulated to view from any angle and measurements can be taken of any object, area or structure in the scan.


  • Bridge Inspections
  • Dock Inspections
  • Structure Inspection
  • Scour Inspection
  • Undercut Inspection
  • Spalling Inspection
  • Damn Inspection
  • Pier Inspection
  • Site Surveys
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marine Job Site Monitoring
  • Dredging Monitoring
  • Archeological Site/Structure Mapping

This Technology allows project managers and engineers to understand the “True” layout of the structures or area. It allows them to view multiple elevation aspects such as depth, height, and angle. Project managers and engineers will be able to make stronger decisions based off the data collected in the scans showing the exact condition of the structure. The 3D multibeam scanning sonar provides a different vantage point than the standard side scan sonar. It changes the data from your standard top-down to a side and bottom-up vantage points giving you an as-is picture of the area.

Concrete Pier

Pier Footer