Great Lakes Underwater Services covers every underwater task involed with Utility diving at every onsite location such as:


Intake/Discharge Cribbs
Water Intake Traveling Screen and Pump House Structure
Water Intake/Discharge Channel and Pipe Line
Fire and emergency service water pump house
Oily Waste Ponds
Coal Pile Run-Off Pond
Ash Pits
Hot/Cold Wells
Turbine Condensation Condensers
Clarifier and Clear water tanks
Circulator Suction and Discharge Basins



At these locations, the tasks involved include but are not limited to:

  • Complete underwater inspection
  • Confined space operations
  • Penetration diving
  • Digital video recording
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
  • CAD Drawings and completed report
  • Depth soundings
  • Zebra muscle remediation
  • Sheet pile inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Welding (wet,dry)
  • Stand-off, dolphin and pilling inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Traveling screen inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Traveling screen removal and installation
  • Lift and service water pump inspection, maintnenace and repair
  • Lift and service water pump removal and installation
  • Trash rack and trash bars cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • Emergency and flood gate inspections, maintenance and repair
  • Water intake suction and discharge basins inspections, maintenance and repair
  • Material pumping
  • Water Jetting
  • Air blasting
  • Dredging and consulting services
  • Ice Prevention Aeration System Installation/Removal
  • Explosive relieve of Intake/Discharge channel ice jams
  • Drift Removal
  • Metal Fabrication of all underwater components (bulkheads,trashracks)


 Traveling Screen maintenance and replacement installation

 Wet well cleaning and inspection